Bring your clients, friends or family on a champagne-tour to enjoy Stockholm from the beautiful waterside or just take a trip to a seaside restaurant for a nice lunch or dinner.
You can also take a picnic in front of the palace at Drottningholm (the home of the Swedish royal family).
Conclude the meeting with the board of directors with a trip on the legendary financial-king’s, Ivar Kreuger´s, private yacht where Greta Garbo, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks also been attending as dear guests.

To travel with M/Y LORIS is a happening in it self, one of the worlds most famous veteran yacht´s. Aside from her elegant exterior she carries a very interesting history. That will be told as a part of the journey.

M/Y LORIS takes 8 guests in the aft cockpit and a total of maximum12 passengers.
Our grand lady is 15 m x 2,5 m and capabel of 28 knots at topspeed wich is almost a miracle for a over hundred year old boat. We travel in the comfortable marching-speed of 18 knots.
For smaller events we have also RAKET.
She is 10 m x 1,7m and is also capable of over 20 knots.
RAKET is more suitable for shorter trips in the lake Mälaren.
RAKET is also a veteran yacht, she is built 1919 and ordered by Carl Wikstrom, the man who imported Masonite to Sweden, in the old days. RAKET is a beautiful boat with an elegant and ”fast” exterior, in line with her name in swedish –Rocket.

Furthermore we can help you to charter an entire fleet of veteran-yachts which will take you and your guests out to the beautiful archipelago in a grand tour.

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Captain Mats Arrhénborg